If you have a Jr. or Sr. High student we want New Hope to feel like a second home to them.  We want our church to be a place where they believe people really care about them.  We want to create an environment where they can make friends and learn how to connect in a real way to God and others.


Jesus came to serve. Shouldn't we? We provide a variety of opportunities where students can serve. We go on mission trips and work with students to show them how they can make a difference in our community through serving. We believe that if we don't help students share their faith and live their faith! We want students who are able to "go and make disciples". To do this, they need a faith that is real.


Our goal with students is to teach them how to "go and make disciples" as Jesus commanded. This requires them to have a strong faith! One of the primary ingredients for a strong faith is understanding and knowing how to apply spiritual truth. We want our students to believe the Bible is an excellent guide when it comes to how they should live.  

We do this in the context of community where we teach them to care for and serve each other.

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meet during second service downstairs @10am

We also meet on Wednesday nights! Follow DC Bible Study on Instagram for times, locations, and other events!

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For more information, questions, or prayer contact our Student Ministers Andrew and Tasha Raymond.

email andrew@newhopewashington.com

email tasha@newhopewashington.com

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